Active Directory Installation:

You can start the setup of active directory on windows server 2008 R2 by three methods. You can choose any of following method, all method will start the same setup wizard.

  • Open the run console type “oobe” and press enter this will open the intial configuration manager.  Then click on add rules on left side and add the rule of active directory and a wizard will start.

Add role in Active directory

  • Second way is type the “dcpromo” in run this will also start the active directory setup wizard.
  • Third way is to type the dcpromo in command prom this will also start the active directory setup.

Active directory installation wizard

Click on next button to start the installation of domain forest. In next step it will asked to select the forest or existing forest since we are creating the root Forest therefore “create a new forest”

create a new forest”

Set the unique domain name for your forest, in this case I am selecting

Set the domain nameRight now I am selecting the windows 2003 functional level, later on you can also change this level to some other level. learn more about Chang Domain Functional level .

Set the forest functional level

Check the DNS installation check box for root forest domain controller.

Addition domain controller option

When you click next it will check your IP setting and if you are having an automatically assigned IP address it will give you the following message. I have assigned the static IP with mask and leave the other setting blank.

ip setting in active directory

When you click next it will give you message that delegation for this DNS cannot be created…This is because we are installing the root forest and setup will not find yet, that way we will ignore this message and click on continue the setup by click yes button.

Active directory installation dns error

In this step you need to select the paths for database, log and sysvol. Microsoft recommend you that save all these on different drive but in our case this not necessary and click next.

Location for Database, log files and Sysvol for domain controller

Set the password for domain admin user “administrator”.

the password for domain admin

Now when you click next button it will start the active directory setup wizard it will take some time and after installation your system also restart.

Active directory installation

After installation you will find the domain controller tab in server Manager. There you can find user and groups, sites and DNS that we install.

active directory

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