Top 4 Google Cloud Print Alternative Android Supported

Google Cloud Print Alternative

It is pretty evident that the Cloud Print facility was handy and much famous to use. However, the utility has been down because and joined the list of the myriad of Services Google Has killed for years to years. Google Cloud Print Alternative But that’s not a problem because whenever one thing goes out of …

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Features of VPS Virtual Dedicated Server Benefits

Features of VPS

Features of VPS Virtual Dedicated Server Benefits This article is about the Features of VPS or Virtual Dedicated Server Benefits. This article will help you to choosing the best VPS for your organization. VPS is a type of web hosting. In order to advertise your website on the internet / world wide web, you are required a …

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MPLS Configuration Gns3 LAB | MPLS Cloud Providers with VPN, BGP

MPLS Cloud diagram

MPLS Configuration Gns3 Lab This article is about MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching, which  is commonly used by telecom operators (ISP) as connectivity solution of long distance. Before going to technical discussion, a first important observation is that the configuration of this technology in the corporate environment or enterprise is totally different from the setting the MPLS in the …

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Gns3 cloud | Connect Gns3 Router to Internet Setup

gns3 cloud in end devices

Gns3 cloud | Connect your physical NIC  or network with GNS3 This article is about the connection of GNS3 with cloud interface though which you can connect your gns3 devices with real networks or internet. Gns3 Cloud is use for connecting the gns3 device’s interface to your PC interface/physical interface.  In this way you can …

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Cannot write into apps directory Owncloud error | How to fix it

owncloud error

Private cloud, Owncloud is not working with message “Cannot write into apps directory”: Normally owncloud shows this error when user don’t have the ownership on apps directory. You can fix this very easily, you need to provide the access the current user on apps directory, error details is also self-explanatoryi.e. “This can usually be fixed …

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4 Best ways to create a Private Cloud|Technologies for Building Private Cloud

Advantage of private cloud

List of Open Source Private Cloud Solutions which ensure privacy of your files: Private cloud data centers are used for improving efficiency and enhance the latest hardware and software flexibility with the primary task of automated computing. This article is related to private cloud solutions, we will review of private cloud computing service here. ownCloud OWNCloud is an …

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Online Backup Solutions Review 2012

Today, our internet connection are get faster through which are able to access different multimedia and other high data rates services online. Cloud computing service providers are providing online backup for your most important data. Online backup has become an important tool for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises to backup just need to log on …

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What is web conferencing | Why web conferencing |Collaboration Software

Multimedia web conferencing or web collaboration provides you a platform where users can made face-to-face exchanges like effect via the Internet. The web conferencing system uses advanced audio, video and network technology and provides many feature to user like Data sharing Web synchronization Program/application sharing even you can share desktop Virtual printing File transfer Why web …

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Cloud computing types | Services

There are various types of cloud depending on the needs of each company, i.e. public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud. But discussing its types it is good to learn little about cloud computing concept. About Cloud Computing: Have you ever used Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail? You used to put photos Flickr, Picasa … Web Albums? Or …

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What is Zoho | Cloud computing with Zoho:

What is zoho? In cloud computing Zoho is a great application and is software as a service, which is providing you more than 25 online applications like word processor, presentation and email. Zoho have following famous cloud computing services: Zoho Mail: Provide you all basic email features. By using Zoho Mail you only can create zoho …

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Cloud Computing Migration Guide | Strategy

If you are an IT professional you can move different office services to cloud. The most common migrations are as follow. Cloud Computing Basic migration: Email Data storage Software as a Service Why email cloud computing migration:   Cost: Suppose you have small company and have 25 to 30 employees and you want to setup …

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7 reasons to use Amazon S3 | Cloud computing online storage

What is amazon s3? AmazonS3 storage is an online storage system and service provided by Amazon, theoretically, S3 is a global storage area networks (SAN), it showed a large hard drive, in which you can store and retrieve digital assets. However, technically, there are some differences in the architecture of Amazon. Amazon S3 structure: Inside you …

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Google Cloud computing | Online Hard drive | Cloud Storage Review

For some years now cloud computing services are growing and increasing. Almost without realizing all the services we use every day are in the cloud: Mail, music, photos, documents, videos… One of the main advantages of the cloud computing is that you can access files from anywhere and with any device having an internet connection. There …

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