ICND2 Practice Test, 200-101Question and answer


Online CCNA Practice Quiz: This online quiz is related to CCNA and ICND2 concepts. You can test your ICND2 skills before taking the real Exam and after the Quiz you can review your answers: [wpsqt name=”icnd2 practice test” type=”quiz”] ICND2/CCNA Questions & answers   Q1: _______ enable OSPF on cisco router and using ___________ you can …

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Software Engineering Interview Questions and Answer

Software engineering life cycle

Interview Questions for Software Engineer: Here are some very important and most commonly asked interview questions for a software engineer. We can divide these questions into two categories, some question are related to your practical experience and the projects that you have done in past while the other questions are related to theatrical concepts related to …

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English Vocabulary Quiz | Test your English knowledge

IELTS Vocabulary

This Quiz is related to English Vocabulary, you can review your answers after the end of this Test. [wpsqt name=”IELTS Vocabulary Test online” type=”quiz”] IELTS Vocabulary Quiz   Q1: The definition of Gullible is __________.  good looking  Trusting  careless  easy to understand Answer: Q2: The meaning of Erudite is _______.  scholarly  Right  Wrong  not well …

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Switching Quiz Questions and Answers

switching quiz

Online Switching Test: Test your knowledge related network switches and switching protocols (VTP, STP, CDP, VLAN), you can retake this quiz for new questions. After the end of quiz you can review correct answers. If you looking for basic switch configuration on CISCo visit this link. Switching Quiz   Q1:  _____ is used for network …

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BGP Quiz Border Gateway Protocol Questions

BGP Quiz Test

BGP  Quiz Border Gateway Protocol plays a key role in the overall operation of the Internet, you can take the Border Gateway Protocol BGP quiz and test your knowledge about it. BGP Quiz   Q1:  If the BGP-router was unable to establish a successful TCP session, then it ends up in the ____.  Active state  open state …

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