10 SSIS Questions most asked SQL Job Interview 2022

10 Most asked SSIS Questions

10 Most asked SSIS Questions in SQL Job Interview 2022 This article is about the topic: “10 Most asked SSIS Questions”. We will discuss some of the very important question related to SSIS which are most asked by the interviewers. Q1).  What is SSIS? One of the most common question regarding the SSIS is “what …

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GPO Filters | Search Policies using filter in windows server 2008

turn on filter in GPO

Group policy object is a power full feature of Microsoft operating systems using which you can control almost every aspect and environment of a users and computers. You can perform checks and rules on users using different policies of group policy objects. Since GPO have long list of policies and also Microsoft divides these policies …

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Enable Remote Login to AD Users/Group using Restricted Group GPO

Remote Desktop users

Using the Restricted Groups you can set different policies to the Groups of active directory computers.  For example you can provide the admin rights to specific active directory’s security group or users on all the systems in your network using restricted groups from group policy object. In this article I will show you how you …

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Exclude users from GPO

Gelegation IN GPO

Sometimes you don’t want to implement group policy on all of added users in an organizational unit, you want some users from same OU will not effect from a GPO with which we are imposing restrict on other users. For example we have an organization unit of 10 users and we want to restrict the …

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Create a Starter GPO or Define a Default GPO in Server 2008

create a starter GPO server

Using a starter Group Policy Object you can create a default/starter GROUP POLICY OBJECT (GPO) with predefine setting that are necessary for your organization and  whenever you will create a new Group Policy Object using this start Group Policy Object you will find already define policies and then you can edit that GROUP POLICY OBJECT …

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WHAT IS GPO (Group Policy Object) Create and Apply a GPO?

group policy object

You can control almost everything of active directory users using group policy object, you can manage different items like user desktop experience including theme/wallpaper, installation printers, security configurations like password complexity, redirect folders, you can control the installation of software with GPO. Every windows OS has a build-in group policy object which is known as …

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Recover the Archive Key in CA | Recover Loss certificates

certificate properties

I will show you how to recover the certificate using recovery agents. But make sure you have enabled certificate archiving otherwise you are not able to recover the certificates. You can learn more about Key Archiving in Certificate services. You can convert a certificate into an importable form using recovery agent and then you can import …

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Auto enrollment of computer certificate

Computer certificate on MMC

In this article I shall show you how to auto enroll the computer certificates for active directory computers, this method is almost similar to auto enrollment of user certificate but you need a different group policy for computer certificates. Also i am using the same three systems as I was using in previous articles that …

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Auto Enrollment of User Certificate in Active Directory

In Auto enrollment certificates are distributed automatically by certificate authority and user even not being aware that certificate enrollment is taking place. Normally certificates issued to computers and services are done by auto enrollment. Here I will show you how you can auto enroll the user certificate using certificate authority in active directory. You need …

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Installing Active Directory Certificate services Role

I am using a simple environment for installing active directory Certificate authority role on windows server 2008 R2, this server has not other role installed on it and member of active directory w7cloud.com, also have the OS windows server 2008 enterprise edition.  You start the installation of AD certificate services by opening the server manager …

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Active Directory Certificate Services | PKI Hierarchy

What is certificate? Normally we use certificate for security but remember that this will not provide a guarantee, because these are many other factor in security chain. Certificate usage why we need certificates?  1. One of thing that you need certificates is for signatures, for example you are writing code for your software you can …

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DNS Zone Types | Forward, Reverse Lookup, Conditional Forwarders

These are three types of zones in active directory 2008, which are forward lookup zones, reverse lookup zone and conditional forwarders. Forward Lookup Zones:   The most common zone of DNS is forward lookup zone.  In windows server 2008 you can divide your zone into three regions that are primary, secondary and stub. Primary Zone: …

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DNS in Active Directory and DNS Query Process

DNS stand for domain name services, and basic function of DNS is to resolve the IP address into computer name and vice versa. Suppose you have an organization where you have different servers and clients, in such environment it is difficult to remember the IPs of these systems. By using the DNS server we can …

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