Recover the Archive Key in CA | Recover Loss certificates

certificate properties

I will show you how to recover the certificate using recovery agents. But make sure you have enabled certificate archiving otherwise you are not able to recover the certificates. You can learn more about Key Archiving in Certificate services. You can convert a certificate into an importable form using recovery agent and then you can import …

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Auto enrollment of computer certificate

Computer certificate on MMC

In this article I shall show you how to auto enroll the computer certificates for active directory computers, this method is almost similar to auto enrollment of user certificate but you need a different group policy for computer certificates. Also i am using the same three systems as I was using in previous articles that …

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Auto Enrollment of User Certificate in Active Directory

In Auto enrollment certificates are distributed automatically by certificate authority and user even not being aware that certificate enrollment is taking place. Normally certificates issued to computers and services are done by auto enrollment. Here I will show you how you can auto enroll the user certificate using certificate authority in active directory. You need …

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