Cisco 3 layer Hierarchical Network Model | Core |Distribution | Access

Cisco 3-layer model

Cisco three Layer Model: Cisco has three layer hierarchical network model that consist of following layers: Core Layer Distribution Layer Access Layer This three layered model is the basic foundation for creating small and larger Networks. Using this we can design a hierarchical network with dividing the network into 3 different layers which also help …

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Cisco PPDIOO | A Network Life Cycle


What is Cisco PPDIOO? PPDIOO (Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimize) is the network life cycle that is defined by Cisco. PPDIOO has the six phases or steps for designing a network and these design phases are as following: Prepare Plan Design Implement Operate Optimize   Advantages/ benefits of PPDIOO: The main advantage of PPDIOO …

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